Saturday, March 17, 2007

SXSW 1st report

SXSW. WOW! I'm at a Best Western Hotel now. It's the last day of sxsw and the first moment I've had access to the internet. I plan to give a full report when I get back to NYC tomorrow but I thought I'd share just a few highlights.

Austin is really an amazing city. I can not believe how many bars and venues they have in one small area. It truly is the live music capitol of America. It really sucks that it happens to be in TEXAS! It's actually very surreal for me that I'm in Texas. I never thought I would have any reason to visit the epitome of red state suburbia. Nevertheless it's been a great time so far.

One band I saw last night absolutely blew me away. They were the best thing I've seen yet at SXSW and were an incredible pleasant surprise. They're called:

St. Vincent

I'll give a full description of them later. Im headed back to the craziness.