Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Turkey "Zelda" in NYC!

This may be old news to some but not to me. Earlier this evening, I visited a friend of mine who works down on Wall Street. We took a stroll along the river and over to battery park. As we're walking through the park approaching the Staten Island Ferry dock we come across a very large bird. As we get closer we realize its a turkey! A TURKEY in Manhatten! What?! We sat and watched it for a while as it dug small holes searching for food. We waited for it to do something exciting like fly, talk, or poop... but unfortunately it did not. When I got home I googled, "turkey battery park" and found this NPR article:

New York City's Battery Park has a new resident celebrity -- a wild turkey named Zelda. Whether by luck or instinct, the female turkey is living in probably the last place a hunter would think to look. NPR's Robert Smith reports.

The article is from 2003! This turkey has been chillin in NYC for 4 years?? And the article is written by Robert Smith. From the Cure? I hope so.

Zelda in the Gothamist

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

cinco de mayo

My Cinco de Mayo in Williamsburg this Saturday..

began with a moped ride from the East side to the South side, a quick nap, picked up a taco, then to my favorite little Spanish diner down the street for a Morir Sonando ("die dreaming"), a very tasty fresh squeezed orange juice beverage. I then took a walk on the Williamsburg bridge with my OJ, enjoyed the view and took a few photos. From there I hung out on a bench, took in the sun, and watched some local skateboarders. After too much of that I met up with my friend Matt. We walked down Bedford and stopped into the new Southside coffee shop, Oslo. I got a shot of Espresso. I read somewhere that if you really want to be a true coffee/espresso drinker then you shouldn't have milk after 11am. So no milk, no sugar... It was absolutely awful! Im not sure if it was the espresso or if I'm just not ready for straight up espresso yet. I think it was a bit of both.

So we continued along and arrived at Union Pool at about 5pm. In keeping with the cinco de mayo theme, we drank Sols. L Magazine was having a book release party there and thus had free chicken wings! We had our fill of wings and then headed out. It was getting chilly and Matt was sans hoodie so we walked over to a nearby thrift store. He ended up going with a blue and white striped track jacket over a red sweatshirt with duckies on it that said Nebraska! Very poor decision I think. Next stop was White Castle 2 doors down to use their restroom. I can't go to White Castle without having a burger and apparently Matt cant go without getting fries. So we ate again even though we'd just had free wings.

So I'd now traveled from E.Burg to S. Burg to Centralburg to E.burg again to then decide to take a trip to the Lower East Side and visit the Cake Shop for their 2nd anniversary. We caught the first band, who I'd heard a bit about before, Vampire Weekend. They're a relatively new NYC indie band from Columbia University. They were surprisingly very good, tight, unique sound with an abundance of very diverse influences, upbeat, and fun.

One would think we would call it a night from there... but instead we met up with my friend Louis. We left Cakeshop, I made a little sidewalk art on the way, hopped on the JMZ back over the river to S.burg. We met up with Jenny and some of her friends at Bembe for some Salsa dancing. We had some tequilla, got our dance on, and ended cinco de mayo... by then technically seis de mayo.

Monday, May 7, 2007

free stuff on craigslist

These are a few things that were posted in the "Free Stuff" section this week of New York City Craigslist. Everyone always says that NYC is so expensive, but look at all this great free stuff.. what more could anyone possibly want?

white doves that lay eggs, free immaculate conception uniform, bag of bolts, small yucca plants, dive flippers, dwarf hampster with all supplies, ping pong table, above ground pool, leopard print cloth wallet, pre natal vitamins, dirt, turtle food, land fill packed in bags to go from staten island, 1990 geo prizm, karate lessons, taxi partition, prom dresses for less fortunate girls, 10 large sacks of saw dust, church pews, diaper genie, Christian folk song CD, Bush great for privacy.must dig out yourself,