Monday, May 7, 2007

free stuff on craigslist

These are a few things that were posted in the "Free Stuff" section this week of New York City Craigslist. Everyone always says that NYC is so expensive, but look at all this great free stuff.. what more could anyone possibly want?

white doves that lay eggs, free immaculate conception uniform, bag of bolts, small yucca plants, dive flippers, dwarf hampster with all supplies, ping pong table, above ground pool, leopard print cloth wallet, pre natal vitamins, dirt, turtle food, land fill packed in bags to go from staten island, 1990 geo prizm, karate lessons, taxi partition, prom dresses for less fortunate girls, 10 large sacks of saw dust, church pews, diaper genie, Christian folk song CD, Bush great for privacy.must dig out yourself,