Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Turkey "Zelda" in NYC!

This may be old news to some but not to me. Earlier this evening, I visited a friend of mine who works down on Wall Street. We took a stroll along the river and over to battery park. As we're walking through the park approaching the Staten Island Ferry dock we come across a very large bird. As we get closer we realize its a turkey! A TURKEY in Manhatten! What?! We sat and watched it for a while as it dug small holes searching for food. We waited for it to do something exciting like fly, talk, or poop... but unfortunately it did not. When I got home I googled, "turkey battery park" and found this NPR article:

New York City's Battery Park has a new resident celebrity -- a wild turkey named Zelda. Whether by luck or instinct, the female turkey is living in probably the last place a hunter would think to look. NPR's Robert Smith reports.

The article is from 2003! This turkey has been chillin in NYC for 4 years?? And the article is written by Robert Smith. From the Cure? I hope so.

Zelda in the Gothamist