Sunday, March 18, 2007

Home from SXSW

Im back in Brooklyn! Just flew back this morning at 6am. It's really great to be back. Haven't really slept in days but I had an awesome time in Austin. I saw sooooo many bands... A few new to me that blew me away, some old favs, some good friends, and of course some really horrible shit.

Here's some of what I ended up seeing. Pics, videos, and more detailed descriptions of the noteworthy shows to come soon.

Thursday: Tacks, the Boy Disaster, Blonde Redhead, The Hush Sound, Apollo Sunshine, The Little Ones, Mute Math, Melee, These Arms Are Snakes

Friday: Kidnapkin, Madi Diaz, Cold War Kids, Tilly and the Wall, St. Vincent, Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos, Via Audio, Gruf Rys,

Saturday: Pipettes, Apollo Sunshine, Buzzcocks, Via Audio, The Office, The Watson Twins, Tacks, the Boy Disaster, Tilly and the Wall

CELEB SITINGS - Tom Morello(Rage,Audioslave), Slash, Midlake, Wayne(Flaming Lips), Hanson drummer, Jamie Kennedy