Friday, March 9, 2007

Good Friday

My last post was sort of on the negative side, so today I will share with you 10 good things in no particular order from my life this week:

1. MUD COFFEE. best coffee I've found in NYC thus far. You can find it in the big orange trucks at Astor Place and Union Sq.

2. CARLEN ALTMAN. very funny comedian I saw perform last night. Her humor is refereshingly real and quirky. jokes are current and relavent. comes off very naturally and has cool shoes.

3. THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION - indie pop rock band from Houston. could quite possibly be the love child of Conor Oberst and Jenny Lewis. you cant not love them. you just cant.

4. BEMBE - latin bar/club in williamsburg on S. 6th and Berry. atmosphere, music, drinks, location... all SUPERB! go there. tonight!!

5. LAUNDRY BOARDING - hadnt done laundry in a little too long and the basket got a bit too heavy and cumbersome to carry 4 blocks to the laundry mat so i set it on the front of my skateboard, held on to the handles like reins, and rode that baby all the way there. only fell on my ass twice.

6. BOTTLE OPENER CARABINER - i lost my keys at a party in redhook, so i was looking to replace my carabiner and found this... the coolest invention ever: a carabiner/bottle opener/corkscrew! but i cant find it in the US. damnit

7. NYU MARKET SUSHI BAR - looks like your typical market but they have really fresh sushi for really cheap! it's on University & Waverly. at Washington Sq.

8. TRL - Gym Class Heroes was on trl this week. hearing myself on tv never seems to get old.