Tuesday, March 6, 2007

open bar...wack

I seem to get dragged very often these days to various CD release parties with the seemingly enticing persuasive tactic "there's going to be an open bar!" Most of the time the bar is so packed that it takes you forever to get a drink or the booze isn't so good. Nevertheless it's free so you take what you can get.

The other night I went to one of these CD release/open bar events at a club called LIT in the East Village. Maybe it's that I've been to one too many of these but I do believe that it was the WORST open bar ever. For my first blog ever, I will rant about this evening.

I arrived at the venue at about 10pm, said some hellos, shook some hands of new faces, listened to some blah music and waited around for an hour with a dry throat waiting for the promised open bar to commence. At the stroke of 11, I walked upstairs to the bar to quench my thirst. There was one very frustrated and pissed off, long haired, troubled rock and roll dude bartending and lots of petulant scenester drunks trying to get there hands on some free booze. I waited and waited at the bar. The open bar was limited to the most shitty excuse for vodka Ive ever tasted. I'm no vodka connoisseur by any means but i knew this particular brew was funked. To make things easy, since the people I was with wanted to mix their vodka vile with cranberry juice, i chose to do the same. So when the dirty haired tender of bar came near I quickly spurted out "3 vodka and crans please!" Finally after the very long wait to be served standing behind the posse of obnoxious pseudo ghetto naughty by nature/de la soul cross breeds, I held in my hand a kiddie-sized plastic cup filled about 3/4 of the way with glowing red liquid that would surely dye my insides a few shades brighter towards neon. No matter, I'd waited and I was looking forward to the first sip. I put my lips to the teeny stirring straw peeping out of the teeny cup and sucked in a mouthful of the concoction. Now i know i already told u about the barely palatable vodka, but if you could believe it, the cranberry juice, if you could call it that, was actually worse. It was like pure liquid sugar with a dash of cran-esque artificial flavoring that made me shake and shiver all over uncontrollably. If one wanted to train a very very young girl to ween off of an over concentrated Koolaid addiction and onto alcoholism, this particular drink might be a good one to start with. After a few sips i said out loud "awwww its like little Suzie's first mixed drink." This made me smile to think about alcoholic 7 year olds, which made things a bit better but overall in summary....
the open bar was wack!