Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rilo Kiley at Webster Hall/ Why dont Indie Kids in NYC dance?

Went to the Rilo Kiley show this past Sunday at Webster Hall..
---missed the first band Art in Manila on Saddle Creek due to pre-concert beer consumption. ----caught the 2nd opener Jonathan something? was good, solid folky indie whatever songwriter but nothing excitingly unique to write home about... or blog about.

Rilo Kiley however was a phenomenal time. great show. beforehand I was really hoping they would play mostly old songs and few from Under the Blacklight, their new record. I listened to the album many many times trying to get into it. A few songs sorta grew on me but none of them were the rilo kiley i know and love.

However, after seeing/hearing them perform the new stuff live, I am now sold on the record. It makes sense to me now. No, it's not the much loved lyrical treasures Jenny Lewis typically pens but they are super fun live tunes with some pretty outstanding intricate musical subtleties if you listen closely.

They opened the show with "It's a Hit" and for the most part varied back and forth between new and old songs. It was a really fun set. My only complaint would be the usual lame new york city crowd of indie kids who are either afraid to move/dance or just refuse to for whatever reason. So my friend and I were the only ones dancing, at least that we could see anyway. I could never comprehend standing completely still to live music you really enjoy... Someone clue me in?