Thursday, September 20, 2007

WHaTs New??

-became marketing manager at galapagos art space in brooklyn.

-found a moped gang and rode along with 30 other moped-ers to coney island

-not playing music! Need to play music soon!! who wants to be in a band?

-Amanda moved back to Chicago. Got another new roomie, Jen

-going to see Rilo Kiley on Sunday, sept. 23 at webster hall

-kickball is over :( but it ended with a 'ball' playoffs still going on but half of our team went MIA so Brooklyn United did not advance in the playoffs.

-Lots of friends moved to NY. --- jason, all of ellis ashbrook, meredith, christine


-moved to a new place 1 mile from the old place. its a 3 bedroom townhouse in Williamsburg with a basement and outdoor space. awesome. still living with Nathan and Speckles(cat).

-got a new roomie, Amanda.

-went camping with matt and sarah