Monday, March 2, 2009

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Recap

Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn hosted this year's Williamsburg Fashion Weekend on February 20th-21st. The final show Saturday night was a collaboration between local designers from Treehouse and Sodafine. The models were all female musicians from many familiar bands and projects; Taigaa, Young People, Boyskout, Gogol Bordello, and others. At a staggered pace, each woman strutted onto the stage, picked up an instrument, and began building a cacophony of sound that no one in the crowd was prepared for. I was one of these performers, second onto the stage, contributing from behind a drum kit. Our energy on stage reflected from the audience- I could feel their excitement. 10 fashioned out female drummers were rocking out on one stage together. It can be tough to get a rise out of a Williamsburg crowd but they had definitely never seen anything like this before and they were floored!

"The last show of the night was a memorable joint venture between Treehouse Brooklyn’s Sirius and Sodafine, and oh my! Until there are high-flying trapeze artists on swings, and a slow but sure build up of a moving, all-female instrumental ensemble of models wearing sassy versions of marching band dresses like this, any other fashion party is only practice, a mere prologue."